The prices displayed on the website sold are gross prices and there is no information on shipping costs and other costs that the Customer will have to make in connection with the Sales Agreement, which the Customer will be informed of when the delivery and ordering method is chosen.
The customer can choose the payment methods for the ordered goods:

a) via a bank transfer via the electronic payment system Paysera, which operates an operational activity:

b) via a bank transfer via the electronic payment system PayPal, which operates an operational activity:

The Owner always informs the Customer about the Shop’s webpage about the time limit within which he is required to pay the amount made up of the concluded sales contract.
If the Customer fails to make the payment within the period specified in paragraph 5; 3, the Owner designates the Customer for an additional payment term and informs the Customer in the Permanent Storage Facility. Information about the additional payment term also includes information that the owner will terminate the sales contract at the end of this period. In the event that the term of the second payment term expires ineffectively, the Owner shall send to the Customer a declaration of cancellation of the permanent storage carrier in accordance with Article 2. Article 491 of the Civil Code.