1. After the transfer of the Order by the Owner, the Operator shall deliver the delivery within the territory of the Republic of Poland and the European Union.
  2. The Operator is obliged to deliver the Goods that are the object of the Sales Agreement between the Owner and the Customer without any defects.
  3. The Owner publishes information on the number of business days needed to deliver and execute orders on the Store site.
  4. The time limit for submission and execution of the order indicated on the store website shall be calculated on working days in accordance with Article 5 (2). 2.
  5. The ordered goods are delivered to the Customer via the Supplier at the address indicated in the order form.
  6. On the day of sending the goods to the Customer (if the option to personally collect the goods was not chosen), the information confirming the confirmation of the Operator’s shipment shall be forwarded to the Customer’s e-mail address. Mail to.
  7. The customer must check the shipment delivered in time and in a manner that is acceptable to a particular type of parcel with the supplier’s employee. If the shipment is lost or damaged, the Customer shall have the right to require the Supplier to prepare a suitable protocol.
  8. The Operator, in accordance with the Client’s wishes, joins the shipment or VAT invoice for the delivered goods to the shipment that is the object of delivery
  9. In the absence of the Customer’s specified address, when placing an order as a delivery address, the Supplier’s employee will leave the advice or attempt to contact the telephone to determine the date when the Customer will participate. If the supplier returns the ordered goods to the online store, the Operator will contact the Customer by e-mail. By post or phone, setting the delivery date and price with the customer again.